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Busy in Chatham

Posted By Kay On February 1, 2012 @ 5:29 pm In Activities,Events | Comments Disabled

Ten volunteers from Central returned to Muskegon on Feb. 3 after a week of work at the Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chatham, Illinois. One of their tasks was making school desks for Haiti.

Here are highlights of their reports back the past few days…

Tuesday, Jan. 31:
We blessed a load of desks, health kits, student kits, cleaning buckets, medical equipment, all being shipped to Kenya and Tanzania. The ladies today started with sewing kits, layettes, and then most of the day they did personal dignity kits.  The men plus Julie built 6 desks and took them apart again for shipment.  The weather down was fine except for Holland, but that wasn’t too bad.  Donna was an excellent cruise director.  

Wednesday, Feb. 1:
The 3 of us are back from St. John’s Breadline in Springfield. Sally and Linda bussed tables, while Julie worked in the kitchen, “pickin chicken”, that’s going to be Thursday’s meal.  St. John’s (a mission similar to MAP Supper House) has lots of really nice people working there, and they refer to their patrons as “guests”.  They serve two meals a day, 365 days a year.  Not too busy today, first of the month, and many people got their checks so didn’t come in for lunch. We have started and not finished ONE puzzle…we miss Cheryl and Lynn and his perseverence (or FOCUS).  Haven’t done much in games, just enjoying each other’s company and stories.  (Other team members took the day off in Springfield visiting Abraham Lincoln heritage sites.)

Thursday, Feb. 2:
Today’s work … Donna sewed, Marty and Jan and Chris counted paperclips, tore apart and re-counted layettes, Sally and Linda traced and cut patterns for hospital apparel to send to people, sorted material and cut bolts of cloth for sewing kits, also spent some time counting paperclips during down time.  A total of 5,950 paperclips were counted!!!  Don East and Don West and Dick and Julie sanded and polyurethaned senior desks, and got to shrink wrap and load them and get them weighed and ready to ship:  1,012# of desks on a pallett.  We then got another pallett of desks ready for the next group of volunteers to polyurethane, which means taking the kits apart and putting the parts on the wall where there are a series of colored dowels, and it takes many people to figure out which parts go where!!! We brought back to the dorm a roll of upholstery fabric that Donna asked for to make student bags, and we had to unroll it and fold it for transport. We had a great time but and it was too short!  Went by fast.  Having leftovers for supper, thinking of you all and wishing you were here.  Still haven’t finished the first puzzle.  

On Feb. 3 our friends will return to Michigan. We welcome home: Julie Husted, Linda Roberts, Dick Swanson, Donna Truran, Chris Twork, Don VanderLaan, Don West, Jan Wheeler, Sally Wibalda, and Marty Wolf, our missionaries to Illinois.

Learn more about the ministry of the Midwest Mission Distribution Center by clicking here [1].

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