October Worship

October 1       World Communion Sunday

Church Conference led by District Superintendent, Rev. Bill Haggard will take place immediately following worship.

Stewardship Celebration Series   

“What if?”  That phrase can strike fear in all of our hearts and minds as we consider all the things that could go wrong in our world, especially when it comes to our belongings. Security is one of our basic needs, and thinking about all the “what if’s” can cause panic and anxiety when we think about future plans. But what if the “what if” question wasn’t as much about fear, but about possibility?  What if we trust God who can do far more with what we give, in our lives and in the lives of others, than we could possibly imagine or do on our own?  Don’t miss our series, WHAT IF…?, where we’ll be imagining what God would do through us if we would really trust God with what God has blessed us with.

October 8   Stewardship - What if… we humble ourselves and pray?

(Colossians 3:1-4)  2 Chronicles 7:14-15

October 15   Stewardship … What if …we do something extraordinary? 

(Mark 6:35-44)  Isaiah 54:1-4a

October 22   A Story of Transformation   (Psalm 51:10-12)  Romans 12:1-2

Beauty and the Beast teaches us the when we learn to love more deeply, live more fully, and think more openly we are actually pulled toward transformation that will allow us to love, live, and think in new and beautiful ways. The gospels also tell stories of transformation – of life-giving change upon which we are meant to walk.

October 29     The Transforming Power of Perspective   (Luke 21:34-36)  Luke 10:30-37

We must wake up – be alert, alive, attentive, and aware – to what is truly going on around us. Seeing things as they truly are, not as they appear to us, changes everything. Do we need a change in perspective?


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